Aspiration for wealth is Differentiates human from animal

Aspiration for wealth Differentiates human from animal
Aspiration for sustainability differentiates an agrarian folk from a pirate or nomad

Monday, August 31, 2015

Would "make in India" revolution make India prosperous?

Living with old thoughts and theories will lead us to dead end of progress. Which really make our surrounding uninhabitable not by industrial pollution but by our orthodox way of thinking.

Industrial revolution was more than two century old concept.
If we think GDP is the real measurement of wealth or prosperity we should read more here

We may be flabbergasted by knowing that in 2013 against global GDP of US$74.31 trillion in nominal terms the global financial transactions were to the tune of US$1,000 trillion.

Out of all the financial transactions if we consider transaction charges in one form or other by way of various types bank charges (if we had transacted any international transaction we know how much it costs to us)
Again take on account, currency exchange (buying and selling price-difference).
Now consider various taxes levied in every financial transaction like
Stamp duty, registration fee, LBT, value addition tax, excise, custom, income tax (deducted prorate) so on so for
Consider sum of these all at an average Just 8% of the transaction.
The figure of this goes to 80 trillion which is more than the global GDP in 2013
Now see the question with another perspective.
Had globally we felt any which thing in short supply today? Is in any mall anywhere in the world has emptier shelf then filled shelf.
Had the go-downs and distribution centers globally reached upon the efficiency level of Japan’s 0 inventories?

India could not able to store its grain produced by farmers and purchased by government corporations (Food Corporation of India) in current era.

Take an example
When I lived in a village there is one shop stocked the entire item our family (including all other families of village) requires; in utmost fresh and good condition.
Almost everyone knows each other and their needs taken care profitably by the happy shop keeper.
Credit is not an issue we send the message through any passerby and material delivered to the home with good chat upon issue ranging weather to festival to global politics (without any asking about bill or credit card) (which is what the super euphoria of successful life when we do not see the right side of menu in so called Industrial revolution)
Now we entered free market economy I had choice to buy from anyone out of other 20 shops mushroomed or one mall or one departmental store emerged from nowhere. Every one keeping plus one brand then the other, plus one packing size, plus various discounts, promotion schemes with enticing adverts.

For just my one unit need now I had 40 plus items waiting to be purchased by me. But I only consume one unit.

So by this example we may understand we already producing and stocking several time of actual demand every conceivable product invented so far.

The global population of consumer took almost 300 day to produce in their plant; one consumer.
We have only 1800 million eligible female population at the higher end; who could not produce consumer more than three in their lifetime (average)

While in that period our already established industry could produce from single plant millions of cars; imagine about other petty things how much they could be produced.
Inhabitable or habitable is just underestimating the power of biological evolution process of nature, our process of thinking and responding to our ecosystem.

Even in Chernobyl 550 person living today

Scenario: More than 94% of population dream to own one big product of Industrial revolution; work whole life for it (either via EMI route or through saving route)

Less than one percent of population via remaining 5 percent of crowd engulfs the entire life’s savings (earning) through one minute’s production (output of Industrial revolution) (say car/ home etc)

And this is the real pollution of brains of dreamers of small things for whole life. (The 5 percent of crowd may change their trophies of Industrial revolution every now and then but not the 94%)
If consumers growing at the rate of less than 2% (human birth rate) than anything greater than this rate simply create unbalanced stress in respective ecosystem and is fundamentally unsustainable. World Population Clock: 7.3 Billion People (2015)

We may remember Haladi or Neem issue of patent rights or we may be aware how with the help of a paper from one party to another party; third party devastated, robed from their freedom, wealth, dignity by the gang of first and second party from 1700 to 1947.
Say we learned a recipe from our mother but didn’t publish in either of our or our mother’s name; the chances of the same dish we could not be able to serve without paying some sort of tax to the owner of some paper. Just like example of the first and second party. (Like salt tax or Jajiya or patent)

Suppose we think in our family every family member knows how to do something. We think it is so simple so easy that nobody in our family care about it. It is just commonsense in our family. But what happen when some KFC or MacD come and start making os fool out of our ignorance and innocence.
Every second is critical; act today opposing these forces by asking questions even from our family members so their answer could establish ownership of that knowledge in public domain.

Only thing which every Smartphone owner could do to prevent them engulfed by forces of debt, deceit and unemployment is shake off our ignorance, start asking vigorously (Qukya?). Questions upon every conceivable topic from life to food to film to politics etc etc should have been asked by us.
Today issue of pollution of the financial system has 12 times more consequences upon us and our family’s health than industrial pollution.

If we do not use the online platform of documentation with proper copyright policies we, our knowledge base and our pockets are just on the anvil to be exploited by the forces; that run this massive $1000 trillion cartel out of just 72 trillion global GDP.

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