Aspiration for wealth is Differentiates human from animal

Aspiration for wealth Differentiates human from animal
Aspiration for sustainability differentiates an agrarian folk from a pirate or nomad

Saturday, April 3, 2021


To every Indian.......! 

Now we are at the top of the global chart in the spiraling of pandemics.

On 15th august 1947 we got freedom from our invaders.

But do we not got invaded in our brain; a fear (of pandemic) and in our bodies a host of social as well as occupational diseases like: myopia, back pain, diabetics etc?

Do we not need to do our "2-2 हाथ" with all these invaders today?

Do we know when we elected our career towards a sedentary life we had invited all this as a nucleus of current outcome?

Had we observed that when we had seen last year ‘hoards of non sedentary people walking to their respective native places’ and not able to spread the pandemic in the rural depths of our nation.

From that incident can we not pick the अन्तर्दृष्टि of; getting exposed to the sun with our scantily covered body (like into the bermuda/ t-shirt or just nougaja sari) along with a missionary zeal of walking?

We have exactly 498 days to the Platinum Jubilee of our freedom.

If we start practicing walking or slow running by a daily cumulative increment of just 100 metre we could easily (younger chap less than 50 year olds) reach a formidable long distance walk/run on that auspicious day.

Imagine if a hoard of us crossed a walk/run distance of more than 40 kilometres on that day through the length and breadth of our nation.

What will be the health and endurance level of us; citizen’s? 

and the global image of our nation?

Mind you that the first guy; who ran just 40 kilometres in a day, died at the finishing of that run. 

But thanks to our DNA and the preparation of 450 + days most of us will reach the zenith of our health and self confidence along with nation's pride.

To participate and give a moral boost to this endeavor; we will organise a run next year, in the first week of this month (April 2022).

Top ten finishers of the race in every city, town and village will win an