Aspiration for wealth is Differentiates human from animal

Aspiration for wealth Differentiates human from animal
Aspiration for sustainability differentiates an agrarian folk from a pirate or nomad

Monday, August 31, 2015

Would "make in India" revolution make India prosperous?

Living with old thoughts and theories will lead us to dead end of progress. Which really make our surrounding uninhabitable not by industrial pollution but by our orthodox way of thinking.

Industrial revolution was more than two century old concept.
If we think GDP is the real measurement of wealth or prosperity we should read more here

We may be flabbergasted by knowing that in 2013 against global GDP of US$74.31 trillion in nominal terms the global financial transactions were to the tune of US$1,000 trillion.

Out of all the financial transactions if we consider transaction charges in one form or other by way of various types bank charges (if we had transacted any international transaction we know how much it costs to us)
Again take on account, currency exchange (buying and selling price-difference).
Now consider various taxes levied in every financial transaction like
Stamp duty, registration fee, LBT, value addition tax, excise, custom, income tax (deducted prorate) so on so for
Consider sum of these all at an average Just 8% of the transaction.
The figure of this goes to 80 trillion which is more than the global GDP in 2013
Now see the question with another perspective.
Had globally we felt any which thing in short supply today? Is in any mall anywhere in the world has emptier shelf then filled shelf.
Had the go-downs and distribution centers globally reached upon the efficiency level of Japan’s 0 inventories?

India could not able to store its grain produced by farmers and purchased by government corporations (Food Corporation of India) in current era.

Take an example
When I lived in a village there is one shop stocked the entire item our family (including all other families of village) requires; in utmost fresh and good condition.
Almost everyone knows each other and their needs taken care profitably by the happy shop keeper.
Credit is not an issue we send the message through any passerby and material delivered to the home with good chat upon issue ranging weather to festival to global politics (without any asking about bill or credit card) (which is what the super euphoria of successful life when we do not see the right side of menu in so called Industrial revolution)
Now we entered free market economy I had choice to buy from anyone out of other 20 shops mushroomed or one mall or one departmental store emerged from nowhere. Every one keeping plus one brand then the other, plus one packing size, plus various discounts, promotion schemes with enticing adverts.

For just my one unit need now I had 40 plus items waiting to be purchased by me. But I only consume one unit.

So by this example we may understand we already producing and stocking several time of actual demand every conceivable product invented so far.

The global population of consumer took almost 300 day to produce in their plant; one consumer.
We have only 1800 million eligible female population at the higher end; who could not produce consumer more than three in their lifetime (average)

While in that period our already established industry could produce from single plant millions of cars; imagine about other petty things how much they could be produced.
Inhabitable or habitable is just underestimating the power of biological evolution process of nature, our process of thinking and responding to our ecosystem.

Even in Chernobyl 550 person living today

Scenario: More than 94% of population dream to own one big product of Industrial revolution; work whole life for it (either via EMI route or through saving route)

Less than one percent of population via remaining 5 percent of crowd engulfs the entire life’s savings (earning) through one minute’s production (output of Industrial revolution) (say car/ home etc)

And this is the real pollution of brains of dreamers of small things for whole life. (The 5 percent of crowd may change their trophies of Industrial revolution every now and then but not the 94%)
If consumers growing at the rate of less than 2% (human birth rate) than anything greater than this rate simply create unbalanced stress in respective ecosystem and is fundamentally unsustainable. World Population Clock: 7.3 Billion People (2015)

We may remember Haladi or Neem issue of patent rights or we may be aware how with the help of a paper from one party to another party; third party devastated, robed from their freedom, wealth, dignity by the gang of first and second party from 1700 to 1947.
Say we learned a recipe from our mother but didn’t publish in either of our or our mother’s name; the chances of the same dish we could not be able to serve without paying some sort of tax to the owner of some paper. Just like example of the first and second party. (Like salt tax or Jajiya or patent)

Suppose we think in our family every family member knows how to do something. We think it is so simple so easy that nobody in our family care about it. It is just commonsense in our family. But what happen when some KFC or MacD come and start making os fool out of our ignorance and innocence.
Every second is critical; act today opposing these forces by asking questions even from our family members so their answer could establish ownership of that knowledge in public domain.

Only thing which every Smartphone owner could do to prevent them engulfed by forces of debt, deceit and unemployment is shake off our ignorance, start asking vigorously (Qukya?). Questions upon every conceivable topic from life to food to film to politics etc etc should have been asked by us.
Today issue of pollution of the financial system has 12 times more consequences upon us and our family’s health than industrial pollution.

If we do not use the online platform of documentation with proper copyright policies we, our knowledge base and our pockets are just on the anvil to be exploited by the forces; that run this massive $1000 trillion cartel out of just 72 trillion global GDP.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

What is agrarian system of economy?

A society living in the style of honey bee colony is a pool of vibrant enterprising free individuals.
There is not a place for irresponsible behavior in it.
Every individual component has specific set of self adopted responsibilities.
Performance of these responsibilities is directly linked to survival of their entire society. (So the concept of Karma)
There is no act of extravaganza or over accumulation of wealth.
Kinghood or Queenwood is also a responsibility to perform in exactly same way as it designated.
Every worker of society touches and feel or hear king or queen. (Like grandparent to the king, parent to grandparent and offspring to their parent touch and feel)
The moment the king or queen deter from their allocated duties workers start to rise another one in a jiffy.
In a honey bee colony queen are there to lay thousand eggs daily.
If she lost the vigor to match the laying requirement of society; another queen out of eggs she already laid will be raised by workers. Queen has not any such secret information. You may see in modern companied the moment boss start focusing insignificant things or sale their stocks; organization start facing attrition)

King has responsibility to mate the queen in competition with other male raised specifically for this, flying and fighting around her.
The winner (strongest) in fight and flight get the opportunity to mate the queen.
Strong genetic evolution meritoriously is primary motive for sustainability of the society.
Here any type of corruption, favoritism, influence does not matter in the wild sky of opportunity to mate in presence of several also eligible males.
The motivation of kinghood is neither security, nor ego but self actualization.
(Because after mating with the queen immediate death of male is inevitable. (

While remaining other male has to survive life in the form of cleaner, constructor, explorer, auditor, gatherer, house keeper or whatever he like in the same society.

There is collective wealth of components of society. No individual has any right to extravagant or make decisions to jeopardize sustainability of society.
Sufficient rain happened or moisture level of soil (or plot) attained to saw the seed; is the decision to be taken by leader. (Or king/queen)
If sowing fails leader has no second chance to fool his followers at the cost of sustenance of the society.

Decisions like this could only be taken by the person reached at the motivation level of self actualization.

When the moister level reached at threshold level in the crop to be irrigated or harvested has the same consequences to society.

Seat of leader (king) is always beneath a big tree. So raising another leader from the mass; have no constraints whatsoever.

Nothing is attached with kinghood except the heartfelt owe to him in lieu of the benefits getting by the society.

Queen has to guide grandparents of the society in the moments of their confusion like work allocation, discloser of treasure trove of knowhow/wealth, selection of leader in family, accessing and advising to newlywed couples their wider roll in the society. 

Saturday, August 15, 2015

What were the institutions which caused accumulation of wealth in Sone Ki Chidiya Era?

As we understand in agrarian system of economy (Honey Bee Colony)
The responsible individual components of agrarian system are the institutions which caused accumulation of wealth.
The first component was small family of offspring’s who were responsible to carry forward the legacy from their ancestors in the form of proprietary technical knowhow and its practice in daily life.
The second component was the bigger family of interdependence in the form of self dependent village where every small family was experts of one specific art or trade valuable for the village family. (Kalaripayattu, to making of Wootz steel, shoe etc.)
Third component was the regional family of annual temple fares where they gather to show individual strengths of skills to become meritorious couples. (Swayamvar)
Keep skill-sets updated, sharpened.(you may find when Alexander came with a professional army which consistently prolonged period of time doing only one activity that is war, will definitely become more expert in war skills than any rival who never got opportunity of fighting always new enemies continuously.
Here the army of Porus never fought in life time with any new enemy; So theoretically have zero experience of war.
But this component of regular annual faire at temple place to show the skills given the opportunity of ordinary folk to practice consistently and shine in the gathering to make goodwill of family of first, second, and third order.
Because of this institute the invincible army of global fighters turned back losing there favourite king in the way backward.
Fourth component was the wider family of nationhood where consistent evolution in technologies take place and dissipate through the Kumbh held regularly every three year in some part of country to show the advancement, discussion and adoption of new thoughts, technologies, and arts.
Because of this institute India was able to comprehend Yog, Aayurved, Astronomy, Surgery, Metallurgy, Gemmology, Mathematics, Linguistics, Philosophy and Chemistry.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Honey bee societies and dance floor democracy: Margaret Couvillon at TE...

Freedom in democratic way

In current scenario what we expect from Sone Ki Chidiya Era?

First we should look for current scenario.
1.   We are producing enough food to feed humans as well as animals in factory farms to be fed to humans.
2.   We have produced enough white goods that filled almost all the malls and stores where buyers have not demanded these things in those quantities.
3.   We have produced enough packaged goods of every conceivable need and packed them in mall.
4.   We may think they are for consumption by society but before arrival of the mall; societal needs already catered by shops and other stores; this is just additional inventory sufficient to feed for decades to come.
5.   We have produced enough academic degree and diploma holders that we can employ even in coming thousand years.
6.   We have accumulated as much nuclear weapons that we can destroy the world population for several times.
7.   We have produced 6.8 billion cell-phones till Feb 25, 2014 and not stopped production yet. despite we have more number of eligible human who can’t use them; very old fellows who deteriorated their hearing and seeing capabilities or kids which even do not able to comprehend instructions of their parents definitely not require them. 

8.   World over we have more houses then women of 18 to 48 years of age. (Including in India and China also)
9.   Knowledge about available information of any kind we have repeatedly stored more than several thousand times. (Just Google anything and see results in public domain only)

What we expect
By investing few minutes sporadically for less than three months upon Quora (a globally reputed question answer site) 
I overwhelmed viewing the questions asked by Indian youth about what course, college, job, university, company they prefer?

Hidden concern behind them looks to me in their way of asking is
1.   What course we choose to contribute meaningfully in GDP growth.
2.   What college we select to become successful in our pursuit of getting apprenticeship, interview opportunity, campus selection or good start?
3.   What company /job/designation we choose for our better growth?
4.   What line of business we choose for our start-up for good future?

Hard fact
Despite all these curiosity in the mind of youth the hard fact remains.
  • There is only one job opening in organised sector against every 360 competing youth.
  • We already producing or procuring every conceivable necessity at globally competitive prices.

Because of it additional production is not an option of employment or business.

So today the biggest threat and confusion haunt our youth and their parents are what we should do?

Because of this we expect from Sone Ki Chidiya Era that Something by which our entire youth population could be engaged in some venture where they can earn their dignity, recognition, along with environmentally sustainable livelihood for themselves.

In the way forward
1.   There should not be any barrier to participate by anybody in that venture.
2.   Academic degree or physical constraints should not deter anybody participating in the venture.
3.   There should not be any burden of cost depend upon government or empty pocketed youth.
4.   There should not be any more education required to waste the enthusiasm and energy of youth.
5.   This should not involve with further exploration of hidden treasure in the womb of planet earth.
6.   It should also not involve mega infrastructure projects of gigantic scale involving cascading degradation of environment.
7.   It should not discriminate on eligibility of participant on the basis of gender, cast, age or location.
8.   It should not entangle in speculative or lottery like pongy schemes.
9.   It should not provoke destruction of forests in indirect way (like publication industry promote mass scale of tree falling for paper to print)
10.                 It should not trigger frenzy of tree planting like unplanned activities which in long term do more harm than good (wrong tree planted at wrong place have catastrophic impact upon fragile ecosystem of landscape world over; like Subabul or Eucalyptus.)
11.                 It should also not disturb present landscape like indiscriminate river joining, canal digging or impounding land for water storage in the name of agriculture or energy production enhancement (we corrupt the tectonic movement with unpredictable consequences by it)

12.                 We should not increase centralised power generation of any type (it again causes exploitation of common men via pricing and distribution partialities)

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Why we expect Sone Ki Chidiya Era come back?

When we have so great asset with us the question arises why we still belongs to the nomadic or pirate system of economy?
We are producing enough food to feed whole country.
We have education system to produce most compatible talents. (Security)
We have largest youth population in the world. (Security)
We have well developed economic, banking, telecommunication, and satellite network. (Security)
We have scientists capable to reach Mars in single attempt (Ego)
We have produced CEO’s of some of the biggest global companies in the field of banking, food and computers. (Ego)
We can also produce enough food to feed entire world with modern technologies of green house and hydroponics. (Society)

What are the constraints we are looking for?

Because we have so much strength with us we expect Sone Ki Chidiya Era come back by 2016.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Why was India got nickname of Sone Ki Chidiya?

Why was India got nickname of Sone Ki Chidiya?

First we go to what any nickname denotes?

A nickname of any place evolves by going into memory system by real experiences of audience.(Sabji Mandi/Kasaikhana etc.)

Until and unless your memory has any sensual relation, it could not take hold for a persistent long period there.

(we shake hand with strangers ask their formal name and just forget in couple of years, but when we even seen in person some exceedingly tall/ small/ fat person we remember the incidence even decade after that actual event.)

So for a nickname recognisable globally it has to be either see able, touchable, hear able, Sniff able or taste able enough to make a clear place in memory.

Why it is emphasised here?

The era we are talking about was not the era of Google translate orWikipedia or face book advertisement where you can bombard anybrand in the memory of audience. 

So without applying the analogy mentioned above of five senses your memory could not retain anything hypothetically for long period of time.

So it is proven beyond doubt that the nickname denoting anything must be sense-able by at least one of the five senses.

Now come to the word Sone which is known as gold in English should be see able, touchable, hear able, Sniff able or taste able by an individual, to make permanent space in the memory. 

Without feeling it by yourself you could not believe upon existence of it (suppose someone say there is an article of relative density 40 and value of all gold of your nation, could you remember this obscured zydfghr element for a long time?)(Even had you remember elements of the Mendeleev's periodic table?)

So we have to analyse how an unknown traveller/visitor in (a so called poor illiterate) country have felt the gold?

In this country gold was used at three occasions as source of insurance, recognition, gift and prosperity.

First it was shown in marriages in the form of gifts and recognition (ornaments wore by participants) 

Second it will be counter checked as an insurance at the arrival of harvest (Dipawali) and 

Third it was donated to the temples in lieu of personal oath for keeping continuous prosperity for family.(temple is the bigger family)

Temples were for the big deals of life like oath taking and community place for guests.

The common men to make his her guest amused and show family’s prosperity decorate parts of temple with gold.

Collectively decorated by common men for centuries the temple covered by gold awed to these nomad or pirate. (In their culture either animals or slaves are the symbols of wealth.)

In their respective regions life style was to continuously move just like crow.

Had you ever tried to feed some crow?
If so you may have observed as soon as he find the food he will pick in his beakand fly immediately to some distance; sit there and eat the remaining part of food.
Because lot of food outside of his beak lost in this flying.

What we understand with this example is till we migrate consistently in lieu of more safety, security, fodder, loot, or whatever pursuit the Sustainability of wealth consistently deteriorates.(causes: lack of goodwill/ recognition/ skill/ theft/ loot etc.) 

In the process of continuous migration you definitely accumulate much gold.(wealth)
In the scenario of migration all the wealth is moving with you. 
The moment someone cut your throat the wealth belongs to the person whocut your throat.

In one to one combat, chances of win will disappear at the moment either yoursword broke or edge bent. (Ordinary iron has specific quality of brittleness if hardened much or mildness if softened much in its making process)

So here the value of your gold and all the wealth is significantly less than a pair of good swords made by good iron. 

Here in northern Gangetic planes community is self sufficient in all their requirements (at barter levels). Regular agriculture made surplus food production sufficient to transport toward southern part of nation by Banjara community.
While in south part of country abundance of forest; given birth of evolution of iron.

The process to make the iron is as simple as make small clay pots, fill them neighbouring different type of rocks, soils(ore) cut specific leaves cover-up thatKullhad
(small clay pot of capacity just more than your half litre milk pouch) and fire it in woods brought form neighbouring forest.

So in entire country every raw material got from nature freely. 
The skill set (how to, when to and why to) part just flowed fluidly via one generation to next generation.

And here is the crux.
Outside world (nomads/pirates) is in continuous process of finding better ground/postures migrating incessantly.
But the their dilemma is their entire life’s labour, sweat and blood created whatever wealth is just have less value than a fine pair of swords.

And the fact is that nowhere in the world such iron produced; except south of Godavari river in India.

Because of that from Damishque; traders will flock to buy the pieces of iron just sufficient to make a pair of swords (retail able size of our iron)

In India natives selling their ROCK and SOIL (ore fired in forest wood = Wootz steel)) in the barter of gold.

Now we understood how that gold arrived here.

Now we move to the third part of the question Chidiya 
Our question here is what is Chidiya?

According to analogy described in nickname part of this article the Chidiyamust be either of see able, touchable, hear able, Sniff able or taste able to trigger the signal for significant space in memory of the visitor who may not understand your language.

Now come to the point at who coined this nick name?

The person came from outside were either nomad or pirate.

In their culture to feed their stomach they need flesh.
Here being in the unknown territory they can’t hunt big beast in the fear of caught by localites in lieu of destroying their wealth.

Nomad or pirate are the most opportunistic person, they will observe the circumstances very carefully to attack upon the opportunity of hunt/graze or loot.

Because their survival depends upon their brisk action, not any type of lethargy or lacklustre behaviour could feed them.
In modern day language you may identify them by the nickname of street-smart guys.

Now what that outsider will do to feed his stomach?
He has either to fight (what may or may not cost his life), beg, trade or hunt.

For most of them the easiest way to feed was hunt a thing which would be in abundance and nobody claim ownership of it.

Sparrows (Chidiya) were always in abundance in the agrarian region; is the source to feed them until indefinitely without any ruckus with localite.

Nobody will fight for anything which is in abundance and uncontrollable by your means (you can’t fight for water to anybody in rain until it personally heart you in anyway) 

And to hunt it doesn’t require any arm which may cause you for suspicion.

A simple stone through will bring you your food. (Stone age tactics)

The folks who once arrived here and seen temples and ladies decorated withgold and eaten the Chidiya to satiated their hunger knows very well the abundance of Chidiya and gold in this part of the world.

But to understand the value of this small (land wise just 1.92% of earth) nation’s share of world in relation to Arable land percent of world in following picture must be considered

Because of this less than 2% earth mass and more than half of world's wealth India got nickname of Sone Ki Chidiya 
To know more about the Wootz steel see Ajay Saxena's answer to What was the significance of wootz steel in the world economy?

Arable land

Steel: What is the difference between Damascus and Wootz steel?

To understand this mystery we have to go in the history of urbanization first.

Since our evolution from Van-Nar to Manav the child of this specie had the longest period required to become self dependent unlike other animals.
In this process bondage from child to mother and a bit with father is much longer than other species.
This long journey of child-hood gave birth to strong family culture.
Due to this family culture we survived most natural calamities with the help of our brain (which is bigger than other species)
As we survived most in comparison of rival animal species for the bounties of nature; we grew in population out measuring mass of any other specie upon planet earth. (Today we weigh little less than 500 million ton)

As the population grown; availability of natural resource in given location start diminishing. There was no Amazon delivery system in place at that era.
So we started swarming like bee hives and covered surface of planet earth sporadically.
In the process of this migration an economic system of barter evolved.
To sustain the barter system some rules of family/Kabila/or hamlet were evolved.

Form this stage of barter some psychological motivations as depicted in theory of need by Abraham Maslow evolved.
With the motivation of survival and security three different economic cultures sprung as per the eco systems.

From child birth to death human goes through these three stages of psycho-economic evolution but in disproportionate way. (Due to enormous amount of brain cells in inactivated form in diverse individuals and their eco systems.)

From all these three different economic systems the common denominator was the Barter system; based upon certain eco systems specific rules.

Here someone broke the rules of their ecosystem. 
There were two option of survival available in such conflicting events for species is fight or flight.
So the fighter who survived remained in their existing eco system. While the loser or non fighter flown till he or she exhausted. (Minority rule breakers [mostly individual or a family] having no supporter in their community to swarm with them)

Most such souls gathered near the most trodden route at the points of natural bounties. 
Damascus was one of such place.
Due to its proximity of a growing market (Of life saving weaponries) very good workmanship evolved here (law of demand and supply)
Despite their huge trade in weapon market their swords not survived vagaries of war.
Due to vulnerability of the swards thanks to brittleness (braking) or quick loss of edge their purchasers were not able to make any significant empire.
Because of that they had started to import the Wootz steel from here and made the legendry Damascus swords from it and the name were…

Now to understand how this came in Wikipedia read What history ignores?
To view the glimpse of Wootz steel see 7.45 to 8.45

What history ignores?

The great thing about history is it just ignores what it does not reinforce by facts. in retrospect it promote lethargy to find facts behind anything after gaining any which well conceived story on the part of subsequent historian. See an example You had gone to a nursery and bought one good looking flower plant. You put it in your balcony. Now whoever visits your home you tell this is the newest specie of flower, because you and your guests saw it first time in their life.(due to their specific social strata) Now your daughter grown and write a blog about that flower plant as a new species. As the audience and network of your daughter is bigger than that nurserymen who brought that plant from a far-flung forest where it is just wild from time immemorial. The written history will tell the era of that flower at the most birth year of your daughter. Neither the nurserymen nor the forest dweller contradict this illusion. (Because they have lot of work to survive their usual chorus; while your daughter has plenty of time to do the SEO.) - See more at:

Friday, August 7, 2015

The Lost Civilisation......Exploring Harappan Remains at Dholavira;Gujar...

See this eye opener.

This was excavated in 1990 long after death of pundit
Nehru, and Nehru telling technology and the Arya were came inward India from outside
4230 years before they sailed from India to
Australia with their dingoes. 11 percent of Aboriginal DNA is of Indian descend