Aspiration for wealth is Differentiates human from animal

Aspiration for wealth Differentiates human from animal
Aspiration for sustainability differentiates an agrarian folk from a pirate or nomad

Sunday, August 16, 2015

What is agrarian system of economy?

A society living in the style of honey bee colony is a pool of vibrant enterprising free individuals.
There is not a place for irresponsible behavior in it.
Every individual component has specific set of self adopted responsibilities.
Performance of these responsibilities is directly linked to survival of their entire society. (So the concept of Karma)
There is no act of extravaganza or over accumulation of wealth.
Kinghood or Queenwood is also a responsibility to perform in exactly same way as it designated.
Every worker of society touches and feel or hear king or queen. (Like grandparent to the king, parent to grandparent and offspring to their parent touch and feel)
The moment the king or queen deter from their allocated duties workers start to rise another one in a jiffy.
In a honey bee colony queen are there to lay thousand eggs daily.
If she lost the vigor to match the laying requirement of society; another queen out of eggs she already laid will be raised by workers. Queen has not any such secret information. You may see in modern companied the moment boss start focusing insignificant things or sale their stocks; organization start facing attrition)

King has responsibility to mate the queen in competition with other male raised specifically for this, flying and fighting around her.
The winner (strongest) in fight and flight get the opportunity to mate the queen.
Strong genetic evolution meritoriously is primary motive for sustainability of the society.
Here any type of corruption, favoritism, influence does not matter in the wild sky of opportunity to mate in presence of several also eligible males.
The motivation of kinghood is neither security, nor ego but self actualization.
(Because after mating with the queen immediate death of male is inevitable. (

While remaining other male has to survive life in the form of cleaner, constructor, explorer, auditor, gatherer, house keeper or whatever he like in the same society.

There is collective wealth of components of society. No individual has any right to extravagant or make decisions to jeopardize sustainability of society.
Sufficient rain happened or moisture level of soil (or plot) attained to saw the seed; is the decision to be taken by leader. (Or king/queen)
If sowing fails leader has no second chance to fool his followers at the cost of sustenance of the society.

Decisions like this could only be taken by the person reached at the motivation level of self actualization.

When the moister level reached at threshold level in the crop to be irrigated or harvested has the same consequences to society.

Seat of leader (king) is always beneath a big tree. So raising another leader from the mass; have no constraints whatsoever.

Nothing is attached with kinghood except the heartfelt owe to him in lieu of the benefits getting by the society.

Queen has to guide grandparents of the society in the moments of their confusion like work allocation, discloser of treasure trove of knowhow/wealth, selection of leader in family, accessing and advising to newlywed couples their wider roll in the society. 

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