Aspiration for wealth is Differentiates human from animal

Aspiration for wealth Differentiates human from animal
Aspiration for sustainability differentiates an agrarian folk from a pirate or nomad

Saturday, July 27, 2013

How big plot is sufficient to sustain my family requirement

In a family our growing kids, hard working couples need 1800 to 4000 food calories daily. So a family of 5 may need approximately 12000 kcal daily or total biomass upto 20kg per day with a water content upto 85 %

In India from one square metre place with one year sunlight, 1 000 liter of water, and less than 1 minute attention per week anybody could produce 20 kg biomass annually without the help of any big tool.

For achieving above bench mark production we don’t need anything to be imported from out of our homes boundary.

Nature is just sending to us the sun rays, raindrop, and wind flow without giving us a bill to pay for their consumption.

With an investment of weekly 7 hours of our efforts; any family could achieve this.

So just for our family requirement of 1metre per day and one month buffer in a year, we could produce enough biomass for our family from less than 400 square meters.

To support this type of production we need accommodation, sanitation, energy, water, communication, education, entertainment, protection, transportation space.

Considering all above requirements you need to own for your utmost independency and luxury about 1000 square meters for your family of five.

Now considering our today’s population of 124cr or approximately 25cr family we require only 2.5 lac of square kilometer out of our land mass of about 32 lac square kilometer.

The land in our nation can sustain a population of 1500crore or just twelve times of our current population.

Considering population of India36 cror in 1951 and 121 cror in 2011 we grown almost 3.36 times in last 60 years.
In another 60 years when today’s born out kid would retire we will be only 400 cror which is about 76% of current world population.

From the above facts you should be aware about food and land sufficiency of our nation.
In this century neither any scarcity of natural resources nor any real paucity of land is existed.

The only thing which keeping us away from the generosity and bounty of nature is our greed and habit of wasting our time, sunrays, raindrop, wind flow by using them wholly in inefficient way.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

could you gift a bike factory for your teenager?

When your son asking a bike; could you afford to give him a bike factory?Just check

Self Sustainable dishwasher

Whats the soiree without panache!
All of us like to have an evening party at home every weekend. 
Whether its Saturday or Sunday let the fun run. 
Is it a bachelor bash or a family get together, Who Cares? 
Just call up some pals and get some fun. 
Making them taste the new food we just discovered last week or the new recipe just grabbed from the secret tv show or for that matter just flaunting the new crockery, after all the lady just spent half of the months salary on. 
Four families turned up and the ball was fantastic. 
Indeed grrrrrrrreat ! 
Mr. Smart and the lady slept with a heavens feel.
OOH Man!
“Shanta bais” not gonna come tomorrow? 
Mr. Smart forgot to tell his lady. 
The kitchen mess and specially the utensils!
Now Mr. Smart is not at his office and here, at home, definition of boss is undisputed. 
“Self-Pity” is the only word Mr. Smart can think of, off his mind.
Now the day-dreaming starts. 
“I would have asked for a dishwasher from my father in law - but electricity bill??. Let’s keep a “bai” 24/7 - Na not good idea- load on my salary?? 
Do I have urgent work in the office today - getting killed by the lady will keep it pending forever?? 
Can I ask herrrrrrrrrr…- gosh; I need to eat every day??
I can do anything in this world - buh… lets do it and calculate how much soap it consumes. 
Mr. Smart Decided on something before the lady could start the firing. 
Mr. Smart opens up.”Hey Honey! Do you know how much soap this “shanta bai” consumes for these many utensils? 
Anyway; forget it! 
I think I should take an off today and lets calculate the spent on soap every month. You take a nap for a while and if Shanta Bai comes just tell her it’s off for her as well.”
Mr. Smart is actually smart you see.
Mr. Smart picks up the scrubber and thinks “is there any dishwasher that operates without electricity expenses?”
While he dips the scrubber in the soap - “why don't we have in this world, a dishwasher that cleans without using any soap?
Scrubbing the first plate - “Scrubbing this plate might spoil its beauty. She spent half of my salary on these plates. 
I would have bought silverware for this money
God give me a magic wand please”

Wake up Mr. Smart: Why disturb god for something which is made by man and is available in ecoghar. 
Already have a dishwasher that operates without electricity, cleans without using any soap and doesn't need any “Shanta Bai”. 
Now you can let the ball roll every day. 
All you have to do is to be smart enough to look around and get one ecoghar for yourself 
so you do not have to buy a memory pill. You may ignore my word only if you are in love of your Shanta Bai.

Tire and road

When last time you have seen a road resurfaces work?
Image courtesy of the U.S. Geological Survey The USGS home page is

 When last time you have seen new tires replacing old one in your vehicle?

Ok had you know where all the particles torn out from your tire and road gone? 
They are gone to the environment of the road and settled in the vicinity of the road.

Ok now if you are going to own or rent a home what you look mostly is access to the road
Anybody with just common sense could understand that whatever particles in the environment are; going to our breathing system; because of that  we got cough, sneeze, sore throat, asthma, headache, and all the illness up to cancer.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Don’t sneeze if you want to cook - FREE!

“Oh Shit! My gas is over in the middle”.
Did you say this, when last time your LPG got
Over; while cooking your favorite sheera?
I belong to the same category, so don’t worry!
Actually, it feels like a waste of time and money to book an LPG cylinder, wait
and then pay for it, when we can cook forever for free.
Free! Yes you got it right;
Waiting time only 24 hour.
Obviously, when you eat more; your food waste would be more.
The food waste - all those peals and seeds and stale food etc.
Food waste is the single biggest reason to increase the population of mouse, fleas, cockroaches, and other household pests; who are the real culprit of major health epidemics.
You know you gather in a bin-bag, to dump in municipal kachara gadi or whatever system in your place for domestic waste disposal.
Now start gathering them in a container.
You can just attach a pipe to that container and join the other end, to your stove;
Sounds familiar, yes!
It’s just what you do with LPG cylinder.
I am not writing a thesis on LPG.
All I need is a smoke free kitchen with a burner that keeps burning forever;
Here’s how?
You eat everyday; Right! I’m assuming you are above poverty line.
Instead of throwing your food-waste wastefully, collect it in a container which
Produces gas; which will lit your burner.
How this could be done? just click here

Would you mind to live in such a world?

Would you mind to live in such a world?

 Just see

Biggest mistake we do when we search a locality for our new home

Biggest mistake we do when we search a locality for our new home is;
when we consider the availability of water in the tap, in place of the surrounding natural source of potable water.
Having sufficient reservoir of potable water in the vicinity of habitat is the real insurance of our well being in a high class society; otherwise what happen just see