Aspiration for wealth is Differentiates human from animal

Aspiration for wealth Differentiates human from animal
Aspiration for sustainability differentiates an agrarian folk from a pirate or nomad

Saturday, July 27, 2013

How big plot is sufficient to sustain my family requirement

In a family our growing kids, hard working couples need 1800 to 4000 food calories daily. So a family of 5 may need approximately 12000 kcal daily or total biomass upto 20kg per day with a water content upto 85 %

In India from one square metre place with one year sunlight, 1 000 liter of water, and less than 1 minute attention per week anybody could produce 20 kg biomass annually without the help of any big tool.

For achieving above bench mark production we don’t need anything to be imported from out of our homes boundary.

Nature is just sending to us the sun rays, raindrop, and wind flow without giving us a bill to pay for their consumption.

With an investment of weekly 7 hours of our efforts; any family could achieve this.

So just for our family requirement of 1metre per day and one month buffer in a year, we could produce enough biomass for our family from less than 400 square meters.

To support this type of production we need accommodation, sanitation, energy, water, communication, education, entertainment, protection, transportation space.

Considering all above requirements you need to own for your utmost independency and luxury about 1000 square meters for your family of five.

Now considering our today’s population of 124cr or approximately 25cr family we require only 2.5 lac of square kilometer out of our land mass of about 32 lac square kilometer.

The land in our nation can sustain a population of 1500crore or just twelve times of our current population.

Considering population of India36 cror in 1951 and 121 cror in 2011 we grown almost 3.36 times in last 60 years.
In another 60 years when today’s born out kid would retire we will be only 400 cror which is about 76% of current world population.

From the above facts you should be aware about food and land sufficiency of our nation.
In this century neither any scarcity of natural resources nor any real paucity of land is existed.

The only thing which keeping us away from the generosity and bounty of nature is our greed and habit of wasting our time, sunrays, raindrop, wind flow by using them wholly in inefficient way.

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