Aspiration for wealth is Differentiates human from animal

Aspiration for wealth Differentiates human from animal
Aspiration for sustainability differentiates an agrarian folk from a pirate or nomad

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Self Sustainable dishwasher

Whats the soiree without panache!
All of us like to have an evening party at home every weekend. 
Whether its Saturday or Sunday let the fun run. 
Is it a bachelor bash or a family get together, Who Cares? 
Just call up some pals and get some fun. 
Making them taste the new food we just discovered last week or the new recipe just grabbed from the secret tv show or for that matter just flaunting the new crockery, after all the lady just spent half of the months salary on. 
Four families turned up and the ball was fantastic. 
Indeed grrrrrrrreat ! 
Mr. Smart and the lady slept with a heavens feel.
OOH Man!
“Shanta bais” not gonna come tomorrow? 
Mr. Smart forgot to tell his lady. 
The kitchen mess and specially the utensils!
Now Mr. Smart is not at his office and here, at home, definition of boss is undisputed. 
“Self-Pity” is the only word Mr. Smart can think of, off his mind.
Now the day-dreaming starts. 
“I would have asked for a dishwasher from my father in law - but electricity bill??. Let’s keep a “bai” 24/7 - Na not good idea- load on my salary?? 
Do I have urgent work in the office today - getting killed by the lady will keep it pending forever?? 
Can I ask herrrrrrrrrr…- gosh; I need to eat every day??
I can do anything in this world - buh… lets do it and calculate how much soap it consumes. 
Mr. Smart Decided on something before the lady could start the firing. 
Mr. Smart opens up.”Hey Honey! Do you know how much soap this “shanta bai” consumes for these many utensils? 
Anyway; forget it! 
I think I should take an off today and lets calculate the spent on soap every month. You take a nap for a while and if Shanta Bai comes just tell her it’s off for her as well.”
Mr. Smart is actually smart you see.
Mr. Smart picks up the scrubber and thinks “is there any dishwasher that operates without electricity expenses?”
While he dips the scrubber in the soap - “why don't we have in this world, a dishwasher that cleans without using any soap?
Scrubbing the first plate - “Scrubbing this plate might spoil its beauty. She spent half of my salary on these plates. 
I would have bought silverware for this money
God give me a magic wand please”

Wake up Mr. Smart: Why disturb god for something which is made by man and is available in ecoghar. 
Already have a dishwasher that operates without electricity, cleans without using any soap and doesn't need any “Shanta Bai”. 
Now you can let the ball roll every day. 
All you have to do is to be smart enough to look around and get one ecoghar for yourself 
so you do not have to buy a memory pill. You may ignore my word only if you are in love of your Shanta Bai.

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