Aspiration for wealth is Differentiates human from animal

Aspiration for wealth Differentiates human from animal
Aspiration for sustainability differentiates an agrarian folk from a pirate or nomad

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Is India ever going to get ahead of U.S. in anything?

India is always ahead of U.S. in lot of things.
Look here: ISRO sets world record by successfully launching 104 satellites in single mission

Now just look what the latest figures tell us; according to the MD, of Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund.

Nilesh Shah
 Government debt as share of GDP
2008: 74%
2018: 108%
2008: 69%
2018: 96%
2008: 50%
2018: 86%
2008: 27%
2018: 51%
2008: 183%
2018: 236%

2008: 75%
2018: 69%

And people think India is the most vulnerable country

10:10 AM - Jun 20, 2018
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India has evolved consistently in last 2000 generations; while all the evolutionary advantage vanished from the US, in just less than last 20 generations. and now facing consequences, by turning it’s population as prisoner; at one or another point of time, in their small life.

The Spectator Index
 People in prison per 100,000 of population, 2017.

US: 666
Israel: 265
Turkey: 254
Chile: 237
Czech Republic: 216
Estonia: 213
NZ: 210
Poland: 196
Mexico: 192
Australia: 162
England & Wales: 145
Spain: 130
Canada: 114
France: 101
Italy: 93
Germany: 76
Japan: 45


5:16 AM - Aug 7, 2018
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Just multiply 666, by United States of America’s Life expectancy 78.74 year; and we get more than 52% population, in their lifetime; enjoyed life in the prison. Think about funding of this “public festivity” to increase debt upon that nation?

See what they are facing in their life; and where they stand, in the world.

The Spectator Index
 Using antidepressants per 1000 people

US: 110
Denmark: 85
Sweden: 79
UK: 71
Spain: 64
Germany: 50
Netherlands: 42
Italy: 42
Hungary: 27


1:30 AM - Oct 3, 2018
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Despite the encouraging Tech savvy culture and the business Eco system of Silicon Valley; and China evolving as global hub of manufacturing; because Indian ethos of egalitarian society; India has still the largest number of; listed companies in the world.


One in five U.S households, over 19 percent, have zero or negative net worth. “Underwater households” make up an even higher share of households of color. Over 30 percent of black households and 27 percent of Latino households have zero or negative net worth to fall back on.
The three wealthiest people in the United States — Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Warren Buffett — now own more wealth than the entire bottom half of the American population combined, a total of 160 million people or 63 million households.
● America’s top 25 billionaires — a group the size of a major league baseball team’s active roster — together hold $1 trillion in wealth. These 25 have as much wealth as 56 percent of the population, a total 178 million people or 70 million households.
● The billionaires who make up the full Forbes 400 list now owns more wealth than the bottom 64 percent of the U.S. population, an estimated 80 million households or 204 million people — more people than the populations of Canada and Mexico combined.1
● The median American family has a net worth of $80,000, excluding the family car. The Forbes 400 owns more wealth than 33 million of these typical American families.

India has world’s most sustainable agrarian model; whereby owning just less than 2% {(2,973,193/148,940,000)x 100 = 1.996235%} land surface of earth, feeding more than the one-sixth, (7400/1326=5.58) population of the world.

image courtesy: World population

Income and consumption

Balance of payments

Global trade relations

image courtesy: Economy of India

For understanding it in proper perspective; here are some hard facts.

The Spectator Index
 Say they eat a healthy diet, 2018.

India: 68%
China: 65%
United States: 57%
United Kingdom: 55%
Belgium: 55%
Sweden: 54%
Australia: 53%
Malaysia: 53%
France: 52%
Saudi Arabia: 52%
Germany: 52%
Canada: 51%
Spain: 50%
Argentina: 49%


Longer list:

5:36 PM - Sep 7, 2018
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India developed sustainably 150 million hectare land; in last 2000 generations and feeding nutritious food to its natives.
Because of this, it has more healthy senior citizens, than the US or population of other 195 nation’s. (Total population of the nation individually)
Because of this, we have more than 750 million healthy youth; just about two and half times of the population, of the US or more than entire European Union’s total population.
And if you read this article of one American where a single working lady; despite earning equal to Indian Rs. One lac per month, could not afford to buy and eat vegetables.
In contrast of it here; in Mumbai, a regular illiterate worker, earning just Rs. one lac a year; comfortably enjoying healthy food, with a family of four, where two of his kids, are college goers.
It is just symbol of system failures, if citizens could not able to feed themselves healthily; with the money printed and supplied by that system.
Another Symbol of system failures is; if it requires handling more currency, compared to other place of the world; to provide same amount of material or service.
And again see the fact that the US has more than 150 million hectares arable land; snatched from the locals and destroyed it, in just less than 200 years.
Think about the efficiency of India.
Healthy Food for four persons; for twelve months = Rs. one lac in India
Vegetable deficient food; for just one person for one month = Rs. one lac in the US.
Or 4 person X 12 month = 48
Now India feeding 1326 million population; from just 150 million hectare arable lands; while the US not able to feed, just 324 million literate citizens, from more than 150 million hectare arable lands; despite having so much ballooned infrastructure, free market economy, modern technology, innovative atmosphere, blah, blah, blah……..1326/324~4
So today in 2016 India is 48 X 4 = 196 times more Economically efficient than the US; in higher education, health, wealth distribution, family and community life, discipline, law and order, sustainable infrastructure for agriculture, caring senior citizens.

In other words; today India is 48 X 4 = 196 times ahead, of the US.

While sociologically more than 80 per cent of Indians; do not bother about touch ability; whereas in the US, Almost 9 in 10 (88%) Americans harbour racial prejudice and are explicitly racist. So sociologically again India is way ahead than USA. (9 X 8 = 72 times) The symbols of systemic racism -- and how to take away their power.

Physically 55% Americans beyond age 50 suffered from Osteoporosis; a clear symptom of malnutrition; while India contains > 4 253 198 healthy nonagenarians, > 16,550,149 octogenarians’ and > 48,229,868 septuagenarians, still today.

After feeding 1326 million population; India exported food articles, worth more than $35 billion, to hundreds of nations; while in the same period (2014-15); USA to feed just 324 million population; imported food articles, worth more than $45 billion, from just two of its neighbors.

Try to think in terms of strengths; like What will happen if all NRIs return to India?

And now, why not we try to explore; a thought provoking action oriented article:

Ajay Saxena's answer to How much time would it take for India to become the biggest economy of the world? And what we can do right now to quicken it?

See 1.10 onwards

List of countries by firearm-related death rate - Wikipedia

The Guardian

 The Trap – the deadly sex–trafficking cycle in American prisons …

7:17 PM - Jun 29, 2018

The Trap – the deadly sex–trafficking cycle in American prisons
The Trap investigates how prisons and jails across the US have become recruiting grounds for human traffickers, who are targeting incarcerated women and moving them out of correctional facilities and...
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Should India compete for this; and

here is another index

The Spectator Index
 Reported rapes per 100,000 people, last available year.

South Africa: 132
Sweden: 63
Australia: 28
US: 27
Norway: 19
UK: 17
France: 16
Finland: 15
South Korea: 13
Mexico: 13
Ireland: 10
Germany: 9
Netherlands: 9
Russia: 3.4
India: 1.8
Canada: 1.7
Turkey: 1.5
Japan: 1


11:48 PM - Sep 27, 2018
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Should India compete for this outcome?

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Matthew Schneck
 Today I got arrested for feeding the homeless in Wells Park in El Cajon. The City of El Cajon has made it illegal to share food with homeless people. …

“...One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws” —Martin Luther King Jr.

9:04 AM - Jan 15, 2018
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Just contrast it with this; India brings life; via the mouth watering taste and aroma (of spices), to the dining table of the world; while U.S. creates tools of global violence and destruction of global environment.

That is why their 24% more citizens

The Spectator Index
 Say life is worse than it was fifty years ago.

Italy: 50%
Brazil: 49%
France: 46%
US: 41%
South Africa: 36%
Australia: 33%
UK: 31%
Russia: 28%
Canada: 24%
Germany: 20%
India: 17%
South Korea: 17%
Japan: 15%
Vietnam: 4%

(Pew Research)

11:30 PM - Oct 9, 2018
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To compare on scientific and technological advancements; (which are still relevant and proves Indian supremacy) read on Ajay Saxena's answer to What are some of the scientific and technological advancements of ancient India?

GDP growth, 2018.

India: 7.3%
China: 6.6%
Pakistan: 5.8%
Egypt: 5.3%
Indonesia: 5.1%
Turkey: 3.5%
Australia: 3.2%
US: 2.9%
Saudi: 2.2%
Mexico: 2.2%
Canada: 2.1%
Germany: 1.9%
Nigeria: 1.9%
Russia: 1.7%
France: 1.6%
UK: 1.4%
Brazil: 1.4%
Italy: 1.2%
Japan: 1.1%
Iran: -1.5%

A little kid may spoil the premium attire of his elders; but in that situation can we tell; yes the kid is absolutely civilized? Now just go through following data; which shows the adherence of the kid (the U.S.) with the habit of least civilization but more adherence of under development of physiological habit of homo eructs.
Meat consumption per year. (kilograms per person)
US: 120
Australia: 111
Spain: 97
Israel: 96
Canada: 94
Italy: 90
Germany: 88
France: 87
Brazil: 85
UK: 84
Russia: 69
South Africa: 58
China: 58
Saudi: 54
Japan: 45
Turkey: 25
Pakistan: 14
Indonesia: 11
Nigeria: 8
India: 4


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Sunday, July 8, 2018

What are some of the scientific and technological advancements of ancient India?

What are some of the scientific and technological advancements of ancient India?
For sake of clarification my “ancient India” was the period from past 2000 to past 40 generations and geographical extent was restricted to the current boundary of Indian sub continent.
In the era of WhatsApp Universities unsubstantiated, virally circulated fictitious facts and zero investment Blogger publications of self proclaimed inventions or hyper linking with more dubious authors; we have to ask with ourselves following two questions.
1.   Do we understand why science is required to be studied?
2.   What meaning we understand of technology?
To answer our question #1 about science; here I am quoting a fellow Quoran
“Anything that you can define and test falls within the realm of science. Science is the word of ‘coming to understanding’ “
To answer our question #2 about technology a simple Google search shows us technology meaning
the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry.
Now question arrives which was the biggest industry in era we are talking about of ancient India.
And here are the 200 million people to be feed in less than 4.4 million square kilometre of earth surface just at the end of that era.
For sake of benchmarking just compare the current population 325 million of United States of America to fed from the 9.834 million km² of earth surface with all the latest gadgets like motor pump, electricity, insecticide spraying by aircrafts and ploughing with machines like this
and like this
and all this with an efficiency of 9.834/325 = 3.03 hectare per person lower than ancient India’s 2.20 hectare per person achieved; 1000 year ago from today.
Now come to the question raised by us “which was the biggest industry” in era we are talking about?
So by our previous discussion we can conclude that agriculture was the biggest industry in that era; feeding 1000 year back from today, peoples of entire subcontinent; at an efficiency of 138% compared to the current United States’ (with all its modern gigantic machinery)
So I just described one scientific and technological advancements of ancient India; here and it  was so big that if we sit to write just few ingredient of it in detail; it is going to become lengthy enough to attract comments like