Aspiration for wealth is Differentiates human from animal

Aspiration for wealth Differentiates human from animal
Aspiration for sustainability differentiates an agrarian folk from a pirate or nomad

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Steel: What is the difference between Damascus and Wootz steel?

To understand this mystery we have to go in the history of urbanization first.

Since our evolution from Van-Nar to Manav the child of this specie had the longest period required to become self dependent unlike other animals.
In this process bondage from child to mother and a bit with father is much longer than other species.
This long journey of child-hood gave birth to strong family culture.
Due to this family culture we survived most natural calamities with the help of our brain (which is bigger than other species)
As we survived most in comparison of rival animal species for the bounties of nature; we grew in population out measuring mass of any other specie upon planet earth. (Today we weigh little less than 500 million ton)

As the population grown; availability of natural resource in given location start diminishing. There was no Amazon delivery system in place at that era.
So we started swarming like bee hives and covered surface of planet earth sporadically.
In the process of this migration an economic system of barter evolved.
To sustain the barter system some rules of family/Kabila/or hamlet were evolved.

Form this stage of barter some psychological motivations as depicted in theory of need by Abraham Maslow evolved.
With the motivation of survival and security three different economic cultures sprung as per the eco systems.

From child birth to death human goes through these three stages of psycho-economic evolution but in disproportionate way. (Due to enormous amount of brain cells in inactivated form in diverse individuals and their eco systems.)

From all these three different economic systems the common denominator was the Barter system; based upon certain eco systems specific rules.

Here someone broke the rules of their ecosystem. 
There were two option of survival available in such conflicting events for species is fight or flight.
So the fighter who survived remained in their existing eco system. While the loser or non fighter flown till he or she exhausted. (Minority rule breakers [mostly individual or a family] having no supporter in their community to swarm with them)

Most such souls gathered near the most trodden route at the points of natural bounties. 
Damascus was one of such place.
Due to its proximity of a growing market (Of life saving weaponries) very good workmanship evolved here (law of demand and supply)
Despite their huge trade in weapon market their swords not survived vagaries of war.
Due to vulnerability of the swards thanks to brittleness (braking) or quick loss of edge their purchasers were not able to make any significant empire.
Because of that they had started to import the Wootz steel from here and made the legendry Damascus swords from it and the name were…

Now to understand how this came in Wikipedia read What history ignores?
To view the glimpse of Wootz steel see 7.45 to 8.45

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