Aspiration for wealth is Differentiates human from animal

Aspiration for wealth Differentiates human from animal
Aspiration for sustainability differentiates an agrarian folk from a pirate or nomad

Saturday, February 7, 2015


According to economic historian Angus Maddison in his book “The World Economy: A Millennial Perspective”, India was the richest country in the world and had the world's largest economy until 17th century AD.The gross domestic product of India in the 16th century was estimated at about 25.1% of the world economy. An estimate of India's pre-colonial economy puts the annual revenue of Emperor Akbar's treasury in 1600 AD at £17.5 million (in contrast to the entire treasury of Great Britain two hundred years later in 1800 AD, which totaled £16 million).

Currently we are contributing $1 875 213 Millions towards global GDP $72 689 734 Millions meaning 2.5% in year 2013
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I born in family of a great statistician who created measuring systems for potential revenue generation of the Mughal Empire; at a time when there is no Spreadsheet, internet, satellite or Google earth/map invented. In a country of highest mountains, magnificent climate, rich culture, diverse language and deep-rooted values.

Way back of this greatness in the era of Indus Valley Civilization our families enjoyedswimming pool.

My inspiration

Shrimadbhagwadgita Shlok! 3-14!

Annadbhavanti Bhutani, Parjanyadannsambhavahh!
Yagyadbhavati Parjanyo, Yagyahh Karmasamudbavahh!!

Because of that my life mission is: Every ecologically aware family upon planet Earth;
enjoy  within this decade

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