Aspiration for wealth is Differentiates human from animal

Aspiration for wealth Differentiates human from animal
Aspiration for sustainability differentiates an agrarian folk from a pirate or nomad

Saturday, February 7, 2015


Population of India in census 1991 was 846,387,888, in 2001 was 1,028,737,436, in 2011 was 1,210,193,422 and

today on January 30.2015 is 1,276,395,314.

This shows we have less than 182,349,548 young of age group 15 to 24, 181,455,986 of age group 5 to 15 And 66,201,892 of age group 0 to 5.
In other word we have less than 430 million kids at various ages require

equal opportunity for education

and then dignified employment in India.

How to resolve the challenge of unemployment, poverty and education,

we can involve, most energetic part, of our nation.
We have less than 45 million Daughters of age 18 to 21.
We also have 360 million kids.
Out of our 45 million we can involve our 36 million Daughters to teach our kids.
Our one Daughter could passionately help in learning 10 kids with family like involvement.
The issue is

how this educational family environment sustains economically?

Today by Creative Commons Licenses, Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) and google; most of knowledge is available free of cost.

Here question arises of the availability of internet and device to access it.

By today’s existing technology of screen less projection and keypad less interaction with microprocessor, with the latest infrastructure we can provide a modern gurukul like setting.
In this infrastructure energy would be supplied by stand alone solar panels, cooking energy by natural gas produced on site, water by latest rainwater harvesting technologies, sewage disposal with modern Anaerobic filtration systems and food by the

iinm technologies.

What we achieve with this?

In previous topic I missed to answer the question of involving our 9 million Daughters of age group 18 to 21.
We have 130+ million Parents, grandparent and great grand parents who require assisting in their health and welfare related issues.
We have to care 50 million pregnancies and kids related emergencies annually
8 million plus children under five years of age affected by disasters need care of tender hands
65 million people on average requires assistance after disasters annually
We have to tackle about million plus road accident emergencies
Here important thing to remember is not every hour of the everyday of year face challenge of emergencies, disasters, pregnancies or accidents.
So if you spread responsibilities of extreme care of an hour 9/24 we have to keep our 3.75 lac daughters on war footing preparation to cater million plus road accident, 65 million disasters emergencies, 8 million plus children under age of five affected by disasters, 130+ million grandparent, great grandparent and great Great-grandparent's welfare, weekly a million plus pregnancies and kids related emergencies.
Most life expectancy and healthy population, is prerequisite to secure; top of the world position, for our nation.
We need most of our daughters in profession like Rescue Leader, Counselor, Pilot, Doctor, Journalist, Air Hostess and Nurse; to give the tender world class care.


Leading cause of death of young sons under the age of 25 are the main victims of road traffic crashes. More sons aged between 15-29 die from road crashes than from HIV/AIDs, Malaria, Tuberculosis or homicide. This means that road crashes are a serious threat to our family.
Second leading cause of death in any single year we face more than 2.5 lac suicides in our country.
One was my cousin had done it in 2013.
Every suicide is a tragedy.
The burden of suicide has multiple impacts on many sectors and on society as a whole.
To start a successful journey towards prevention of these, Every single family member’s life is; The way forward to act together and the time to act is now.


In above How topic I missed to answer a question of

safety, security and viability of the modern gurukul like setup.

Here is the opportunity to involve our 50 million sons of age group 21 to 24 to secure infrastructure development for these modern gurukuls.
The secure employment of our sons can be assured by their involvement in the activity of production (food) services (safety, security, construction and marketing for wife’s pupil)
When they have secure future in front of them they can easily marry our 18 to 21 year daughters at


Gurukul: The background

Here is a guy who bought million square feet land @10 paisa per square feet and boom.
Then studied Anupam Mishra, Anna Hajare, turned to commercial landscaping where measurement in liters of water and square meters of shed turned any piece of sunny place into money mint. In doing so It’s not the background of engineering, management or so-called human resource but it’s just plain centuries old understanding of nature; helped to Make money more than 40 million not by owning the land but the knowledge of abundance.
Last Deepavali one of my most intelligent, talented, richest 34 year old cousins; jumped into a river forever. Which gave me an intellectual shock.

how we can resolve this big issue?

Today we have unemployed youth more than 380 million in our country to compete for every opportunity of admission, job or business to survive.
In this scenario we can’t relay the rat race of IIT, IAS, CA, MBBS, MBA to earn a fulfilling and prestigious life.
In the journey of entrepreneurship; I discovered, that when we enjoy observance; and play with live things, we learn a lot, in the quick moments.
According to Darwin’s theory as we evolved; our brain still wonders like monkey, most of the time. (Because of that all the meditation stuff)

The hypothesis:

If we can expose our kid in first 4000 days of life with 4000 different live things to unrestrictive play under a loving, caring and learned couple. Kid will engage with few things (may be the pattern of astronomy, or life pattern of a bird or a flower or a creeper) may become sentimental with them.

Exactly that is the tipping point.

If we let him in their teens to play and hang with his choicest things under “systematically designed caring and feedback mechanism”

They will become world’s who’s who on their choicest subject.

In this back drop I decided to give kids the gurukul where I can get them taught from Subject matter experts of
Aayurved, Accounts, Analysis, Analytics, Anatomy, Ancient History, animation, Applied Mechanics Inventing, Arabic, Archaeology, Art, Asian History, astronomical, Astronomy, Audit, aviation, , Bengali, Biology, Botany, Calculus, Chemistry, Chess, Chinese, Citizenship, Classical Civilization, Coding, Collaboration , Construction, Creative Writing, Dance, Design, Drama, Drawing, Earth science, Economics, Effective Communication, Electronics, Empathy , English, Entrepreneurship, Ethics , European History, Fiction Writing, Film Making, Food preservation, Food Technology, foreign trade, French, genetics, Geography, geological exploration, Geology, German, Global Economics, Graphic patterns, Health science, Hindi, Human Biology, hydrology, Independent Thinking, Italian History, Japanese, Javanese, Journalism, karalipayattu, Korean, kuchipudi, Latin, Law, Linguistics, Literature, Living Skills, Maintenance, Malay, Malayalam, Mandarin, Marathi, Martial Arts, Mathematics, Media, Medieval, meteorology, modeling, molecular science, Money Management, Moral Studies, Music, Nursery, optics, Painting, Performing Arts, Personal Finance, Philosophy, Photography, Physical Education, Physical Examination, Physics, Physiology, Portuguese, Practical Mechanics, Product Design, Production, Project Management , Psychology, Punjabi Language, Responsibility, robotics, Running, Russian, Sales, Sanskrit, science, seismology, Self-Awareness, Social Skills, Sociology, Spanish, Sports, Statistics, Subject of expertise, Swimming, Tamil, Technology, Telugu, Textiles, Theology, three dimensional design, Time Management, trade, Turkish, Urdu, US history, Vedas, vernaculars, Vietnamese, world History, Wu, Yoga, Yue, Zoology
If you know someone expert of any of these subjects please let me know.
To bring this method of education to my kids this gurukul envisioned. Because of long-term concern about the healthy growth of brain and body two more things I included.
First is digital system of reporting (food, health, growth data) which includes streamed CCTV to grandparents.
Second: system of hygienic organic food in pollution free environment.
I will be glad to arrange best venue and honorarium in country for your referral.


You may have more doubts then faith in any of this preposition which is externally normal as human being.
To resolve our fears, doubts and uncertainties we have to dig deep and research ourselves. To not reinvent the wheel in the process we can take help of some learned mentor.

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