Aspiration for wealth is Differentiates human from animal

Aspiration for wealth Differentiates human from animal
Aspiration for sustainability differentiates an agrarian folk from a pirate or nomad

Saturday, February 7, 2015


The inventory: We have 3 million trucks
If each contribute 1 lac
Then 300 billion fund will be in advance in the accounts can be utilized to finance the infrastructure development.
The challenge:
Average truck speed could be 50 km per hour means one truck can cover approximately 20X50= 1000 kilometer per day.
In Indian condition of corruption they are stopped on roads, borders for checking documents, weight because of that daily average distance cover by the trucks is only approximately 333 kilometer
by simple automation of display, registration at the time of manufacturing the efficiency could be increased three times for truck owner, theft of tax, diesel and bribe worth more than one lac cror per year could be saved. Additional revenue to government, zero traffic jam could be achieved.
Action sequence:
Truck rolling out of plant
Purchaser’s KYC
Security deposit 5% value of truck in government account, 1% on road maintenance accounts (tolls, road tax, insurance etc), and 4% vat Octroi etc. all of which could be updated on daily basis with threshold buffer.
Truck contains 4 moto screens of four verticals WIFI enabled and two on horizontal surfaces radio frequency enabled
RF enabled device contained “owner and empty truck information”: manufacturing date, capacity, life expectancy, maintenance schedule, finance, repayment, tax related to empty truck, details of owner’s entire team with photo, pan, dob, addresses.
Vertical screens contain loading time, party, address, material, value, weight, destination, scheduled time of unloading, KYC of persons inside cabin, inclusive of driving license number, validity, pan etc
One meter wide automatic weighing strip across the road before one unit distance of borders flanked with speed breaker, road signage at each speed breaker with laser height sensor, CCTV cabin image capture, vertical screen information capture, RF data capture .
Signage footing hold storage battery while top of it contains 1kwa SPV unit
Every square(chouraha) contain drone to fly and sit on the top recording all activity till it emptied and release in the real-time on line to the owner and government.
If any screen information and unloading information mismatched before unload finish the security deposit account balance become 0 and alert SMS, email triggered from servers in real time.
At every toll plaza same information sensors scan and deduct the toll from the truck owner’s account automatically.
The owner will receive the tabs when his vehicle crossed which post at which average speed with how much weight. So he can bill automatically in real time to the customer reducing the risk price of over or under billing.
Toll and tax deduction @ load, height, kilometer basis automatically via servers
No tax for direct road user for domestic purpose
Commerce will boom because no risk in business, big players opt for new vehicle while individual entrepreneurs buy their old inventory in bargain of risk involved.
Road maintenance automatically shows utilization of any patch of road.
Revenue allocation is easily bifurcated certain percentage of direct load, certain for new development, certain for siphoning to other accounts (such as local body, state government, welfare etc
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