Aspiration for wealth is Differentiates human from animal

Aspiration for wealth Differentiates human from animal
Aspiration for sustainability differentiates an agrarian folk from a pirate or nomad

Monday, July 6, 2015

What college/university/ course I join for my better future?

What college/university/ course I join for my better future?

First we have to dive in the history, and ask the question; why any course college/university was created?

But before going deep if we can see these four videos 

Result of Synthetic (contemporary) Education

Result of Real Education

Result of natural learning

Good now we explore the history

There was an era, when one country was known by its nick name सोने की चिड़िया.

Best and smartest scholar, entrepreneur, traveller, fighter, along with 60% of global wealth was finding its way towards this nation.

And mind you, there was no course/ college/university was available just 158 years back from today in that country.

No university including Takshshila and Nalanda was able to sustain their own life.

Again mind you the nations having universities that time are just the poorest in the world fighting with crime, famine and hunger ravaging forests and sea like vultures, hunters, pirates and gatherers; With not a single institute based on truth.

The sheer curiosity, about the engine and culture of bribe and loot, bought folks towards them.

And mind you again, this was the era when सोने की चिड़िया migrated from that country.
Just 275 years back cunniest people and mercenaries of the world, arrived who brought here nothing more than a corrupt brain of opportunism.

Here to implement venture of any type requires person.
To lure some, from very satisfied and self sustained population they invented a paper called degree.

Today India has 15, 60, 90, 664 youngsters of 14 to 19 years age group.
In any given year, 15, 60, 90, 664/6 (19-14 year age) = 2, 60, 15, 110 youngsters; taking decision for their career just like you.

All these youngsters and their parents lured by the power and might of workers of organised sector start seeing dream of becoming like them.

Now see the bare facts

The total workers in central government, state government, and local government are 1.73 cror

TCS to nursing home next door, which employs 10 persons including sweeper, ward boy, nurses; and your favourite restaurant, which employs waiter, cook to watchman, in total 10 or more; are come under definition of corporate sector. 
Workers in this sector are 1.02 cror
The combination of government, semi government and corporate sector called organised sector. (1.73 cror + 1.02 cror = 2.75 cror)

Unorganised sector includes agriculture, entrepreneurship, to any organisation or business, employing less than ten workers. 

Now considering legal age of working in organised sector is 18 to 60; we have (60-18) = 42 years working life, of these workers.
In other word 2, 75, 00, 000 /42 year = 6, 54, 762  would be average intake in any year into the organised sector.

Average legal earning, in this sector, is roughly 7 to 9 time higher than the average income of worker in unorganised sector.

The chances of getting job, in the organised sector, per year is 2, 60, 15, 110 /6, 54, 762 or 40:1

Consider average age of, being eligible to join organised sector, is 26 years

We have 26 - 18~9 batches to be appeared, for a single opportunity.

What does it mean to you, is for every organised sector job, there are 9X40=360 competent, always there?

Because of that, for these jobs, a rat race of various, fancy name of course, degree, diploma are, implanted, in your brain, by a SYSTEM.

By This same SYSTEM, the status of country, converted from, Sone Ki Chidiya to; beggar of World Bank, IMF and UNICEF; for even giving, first aid to you.

All subjects are, like a ponzi scheme; where despite getting admission, for same level of competence, no guarantee of, the entire pass outs, will secure any dignified earnings. 

Despite expending, same years, as your peers, with studying, same curricula, same text books, from same faculties, in that same degree course. (You know the chance is 360:1)

To see the trailer of all these158 year's hidden SYSTEM watch

Now the rest of these 359 are start-up in there on accord; inclusive of your unemployed senior. (Start up to search "a job/ contract/ finance/ venture capital/ truth/ political power" etc)

Out of these 359, some dream; to create wealth, for themselves and their families. 
At present only 1, 75, 000 persons (in entire India) are involved in, employing 10 or more persons, for their ventures. Rest employing less than 9 persons in their venture; belongs to unorganised sector.

Entrepreneur working in their own ventures needs that you to assist them to satisfy their personal objectives. Very few Entrepreneurs, in this sector dream, to create job and luxuries like organised sector.

Out of entire population of 125 cror only 31.66 lac persons earn Rs. 5 lac or more.
Mind you that less than 12% of organised sector earn even Rs. five lac per year.

Because of this in place of searching college/university/ course, it is more appropriate to search “by which way one can earn five + lac per year.”