Aspiration for wealth is Differentiates human from animal

Aspiration for wealth Differentiates human from animal
Aspiration for sustainability differentiates an agrarian folk from a pirate or nomad

Thursday, July 2, 2015

How can one, earn Rs 10 lakhs per year?

How can one, earn Rs 10 lakhs per year?

How many people earn > Rs 10 lac in India

Only 1378000 persons out of 1,02,87,37,436; of upwards your age(15 years) earn Rs 10 lac or more in India.

This means, If you follow what other 1,02,87,37,436/ 1378000 <746, Indians  doing, around you; your chances of earning > Rs 10 lac in India is virtually impossible.

So if you are, serious about it; here is the plan to earn > Rs 10 lac in India.

First of all, you must have determination of this type.

After your firm determination, you should prepare yourself in this way

After understanding core of these two videos you may 

Prepare yourself to learn 

Fly, 2000 short flights, per year, and charge just Rs 500 per flight (or per hour 2000/313<7 hour) so 2000X500 = Rs 10,00,000

Web development and maintain just 200 sites, per year @ Rs.5000 each so 200X5000 = Rs 10,00,000

Sale Just 100 merchandise worth more than Rs ten lac each @commission of, only one percent. So10,00,000 X 0.01 X 100 = Rs 10,00,000

Hard work
Total working hours in a year=313 day x 8 hour ~ 2500 hours

Target amount: Rs. one million

Our turn around per hour should be Rs.10,00,000/2504 hours ~ 400 per hour

We have to use this time (8 hour daily for 313 day per year) to produce 400 saleable units per hour by us to meet our target of one million in one year

Now to make anything we need some raw material and capital to convert them into saleable unit and then sale to someone who will pay us for the product.

Here comes market constraints; someone else may get cheap capital or subsidy or tax Rebates or inferior raw material at cheaper rate.

In above cases your product may not be cost competitive to meet your target

Here comes nature to your help

There major raw material is free
So you can produce as much as you wish

You can fill 400 cavities in 4 minutes (Simple dumping and shaking operation)

You can dibble these by seed or cuttings in 800 seconds (800/60=13.33 minutes)

You will take another 8 minutes to place them at specified site with necessary shifting.

You may take another 8 minutes to inspect and care them.

So you have to invest your 4+14+8+8 = 34 X 8 hour per day = 4.5 hours daily to meet your target production.

Add another one hour each for
1. Management,
2. Quality assurance,
3. Sales and delivery so you will have another half an hour for your daily planning


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