Aspiration for wealth is Differentiates human from animal

Aspiration for wealth Differentiates human from animal
Aspiration for sustainability differentiates an agrarian folk from a pirate or nomad

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Career prospects in Architecture and Civil Engineering in India

What is the career prospects in architecture in India? What is the average salary payed?

From 2001 to 2010 we have constructed 14 crore home, in that ten year of construction boom period.
The most builders who earned, decent profit in that decade; done two significant things
First if their kids are in the learning age; they put them in architecture, engineering, chartered accountancy, legal or management studies.
Second action they have done is, they got designed just four times( average) inventories for their future project which by rough estimate to the tune of almost 56 cror new or redevelopment home units.
Now today is the situation we have 30,04,80,904 woman in the age group of 18 to 48 years, which is most likely age in which they need home for their families.
If we consider each new house is a home for at least one woman, one adult man, one kid and one grandparent; means at the most 4 occupants per home unit. Then we need today 1, 28, 18, 27,453/4= 32, 04, 56,863 home units. Now see  the
Here we already completed 33 crore home units by the beginning of 2011. You may have seen even today some type of construction going on around you.
If we take, the whole inventory of home units; they are in the range of about 89 crors.
While total adult population is just less then 887949713 of the country.
So in practical terms we have enough homes; designed already for the futures population of 180 cror which may be reached some time the year of 2079 or so
If you have patience enough to learn without any good income then prospect are there after 2079 AD
In interior decoration sporadic job of affluent class may come just to survive; mostly of brokerage type, which again going to disappear by the phenomenon of online shopping of services.
The DIY culture is also growing; in almost 90 percent of population. due to financial constraints and easy availability of resources online just to bunk professional practices.
Till then the average salary you can expect, less than a skilled carpenter, plumber or flooring worker could get.

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