Aspiration for wealth is Differentiates human from animal

Aspiration for wealth Differentiates human from animal
Aspiration for sustainability differentiates an agrarian folk from a pirate or nomad

Thursday, March 17, 2016

देवो भव:

Devo Bhav

If we see the current global situation of humans, we see
More than 93% of adults in Africa own less than USD 10,000, and 95% of adults in India fall in this range. Meanwhile, the fraction is 62% in China, 45% in Europe and 27% in North America. On the other hand, 25% of adults in Europe and 40% in North America have wealth above USD 100,000. The wealth distribution in both Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region closely resembles the pattern in the world as a whole, and both regions show more than 70% of all adults owning less than USD 10,000 Source:
The major cause of this is the majority of the population still tied with a dogma of living in paucity, chanting and clapping of few con artists or in other words superstars.
They may be demigods or persons promoted by propaganda experts.
We have enough leaders of various fields, who want you to remain poor, debt-ridden, sick, and fearful, subsidy/ reservation/ employment beggar.
Because of the habit ingrained in the minds of the most population; destiny for most of the persons remains in the hands of very few influencers like a mafia, pirates, politicians, bureaucratese, sinecure, gods, gurus, fathers, or irresponsible greedy business tycoons.

What are we doing?

When someone ask us how are you? We just tell them fine.
Had we thought about the pollution around us, debt upon our family, our municipality, our state government, our central government?
Had we checked the health of our near and dear ones? Had we asked our mother what is their hidden expectation's from us? Had we asked from our spouse or kids what are their dreams?
Had we are wealthy more than bill gates or warren buffets?
But we just tell without thinking we are fine.
And to whom we are lying; just our well-wisher; who really asked about our situation. He or she may be our friend, relative, co-worker, colleague, fellow traveller or just a plain accomplice.
By this type of lying routinely what we are promoting in our society??
Ignorance, irresponsibility?


Just to remain static in our cocoon of a paltry comfort zone. Just like a frog in the pan filled with water heating slowly and causing slow but assured death in the pan.

We may tell everybody had to die in his or her life.

Ok agreed.
But had we not died several times already morally; when we bribed someone at traffic square, clerk at some government office, to an education mafia for some admission, to a job mafia for some employment or promotion, doctor to have an examination at home for our near or dear one or to a consultant in the name of ….
Now consider the situation of India.
According to government data, we have population of this nation on 30th September 2010 in various age groups as follows
Age    Persons
7    24826640
8    26968373
9    23424638
10    30552107
11    24740946
12    27877307
13    24280683
14    25258169
15    25899454
16    24592293
17    21217467
18    27958147
19    20859088
20    28882735
Total    357338047
This data shows that in the 13 to 26 years age group in 2016 we have here youth population more than the entire population of united states.(to be precise 110% of entire population of the US)
  1. The mouth of an adult contains 32 teeth around one tongue
  2. Our nation contains 85 cror adults In 32 Lac Square Kilometre
  3. Currently, approximately Electricity costs @Rs2.5 per unit,
  4. Water @10 paisa per litre and Gold 2800 per germ or Rs. 28 lac per kilogram
  5. The combination of time + Nature and surrounding situation called Ecosystem
  6. Nature had given in last 365 days to each adult capturable
  7. Sun energy 10 lac unit
  8. 10 lac unit X 2.5= Rs.25 lac
  9. Water 30 lac litre
  10. 30 lac X 10 paisa per litre =Rs.3 lac
  11. Or
  12. Rs.25 lac+ Rs.3 lac= Rs. 28 lac
  13. In other words
  14. Nature sent to each adult
  15. Pure gold bricks of one kilogram
  16. Via sunshine and rain to
  17. Every Indian adult
  18. Nature still giving the sunshine
  19. Will also give rain 
So by becoming aware of our surroundings and behaving in a sensible manner we end up in the territory of the abundance of wealth for everyone.
In this situation if we consider in next 6 to 7 years if this youth became the donor in place of a recipient of wealth; what will happen?
We have around 17 cror young couples capable enough to support a family of about ten members.
This will in turn support a population of 170 crore in supreme luxuries with the abundance of food, recreation, entertainment, other physical, sociological luxuries of the world.
Here we can salute our fellows DevoBhav by making them aware of their surroundings.

Would you please start from today saluting your fellows by Devo Bhav?
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